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EISH! i have never been in such a dilemma. Thinking of a shrink? nay, i aint crazy, a friend? nay i cant trust, a decision? high chances i might regret….God? how will i know what He wants of me? Write or say something because am waiting God.

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An Intelligent Fool

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When I came across Albert Einstein’s quote on the intelligent fool, i found it rather intriguing and disturbing. Just how can one be intelligent yet foolish? What a paradox! He however distinguished the intelligent  from the geniuses. Anyway, for your information he said “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Which one are you????

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Dorian Gray

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Let me introduce you to the life of Dorian Gray, a character I have known in old age and one I want to admire yet loath. But wait a minute, is it the character or the maker of the character Oscar?

Well, Dorian was so in love with his youthful face and vigor, Narcissus aside. He traded his soul with a portrait, that the potrait grows old in his place and he, Dorian could do all that pleased him. Just how long could he live and look 18 years after 20 plus years? How many Dorians are there today anyway? I am looking at them fighting to hold on to what they have been 10 years….careerwise, positions, looks, you name it, just because they are hedonistic????

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Anyone knows how much an air traffic control officer earns in Africa???

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Writing part time n now doing support for a call centre, it’s tiring though interesting. People are too much into social sites they rarely check people’s blogs, am willing to make blogs more famous, who is with me?

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Research writing

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Am now into it I pray it’s gonna be sizzling interesting however tiring…..Anyone with an assignment for me?

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Someone give me selling tips especially when you are selling a product not so familiar with the mass…I mean a salesperson has got to be strong, what else?

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Outta school and am thinking something ought to come up for a graduate, otherwise my formulas and days of hard labour go to waste……c u around

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So Far

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I am about to leave books but i don’t want to.

Have you gone through Rungekutta’s life, the best analysis in undergraduate studies so far. Do you agree with me?…

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Did i say that i wrote anything serious? Guess not coz there is nothing much to talk about today.Maybe i will take sometime to communicae later.Hear from you…………….

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